Our Mission

To empower health and wellness practitioners of all types with technology that strengthens their value, making them more successful and more impactful in helping their clients achieve their health goals.

Our Founder

MaryAnn Marks

Creator, Founder, and CEO

LabSmarts was born out of my passion and knowledge for interpreting blood test results and my excitement and experience in developing automation software.

My goal is to provide healthcare practitioners with a tool that makes them more effective and efficient at interpreting blood work to Improve Health Outcomes.

LabSmarts increases your productivity by saving you time and helping you get to the root cause faster, giving you more time to spend helping your clients achieve their health goals.

Meet Our Team

Kristin Brake

Chief Operations Officer

Jana Flashing

Chief Product Officer

Daniel Munns

Chief Marketing Officer

Brandon Drake

Vice President,
Business Development

Jill Grabowski

Vice President, Software
Quality Assurance

Vasiliy Kaminskiy

Lead Software