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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is one of the most effective tools available for practitioners to screen and identify imbalances in the body’s metabolism. Practitioners with the skills to analyze blood panels can provide their clients with recommendations and protocols based on solid data.

The biggest problem for most practitioners, however, is the time it takes to complete an extensive blood analysis. That’s where LabSmarts comes in.

LabSmarts does all the analysis for you in the blink of an eye. The proprietary algorithm scrolls hundreds of data points and thousands of medical references to provide an accurate understanding of what each blood marker means for your client’s underlying health.

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Cut Your Analysis Time In Half –

with The Power Of the LabSmarts SPR Engine™

Get Started With As Little As ONE Blood Panel

While LabSmarts can analyze more than 108 unique biomarkers, you can get started with as little as the CBC.

Don’t Guess. Know.

LabSmarts provides insights into your client’s unique bioindividual markers to help pinpoint the root cause of more than 15 systems.

With access to more than 108 different markers, the LabSmarts software helps you reveal blind spots hidden by lack of symptoms or lazy “conventional” conclusions.

Armed with a better understanding of what’s really going on, your protocols and recommendations become way more accurate, fast-tracking your client’s success rate.

Oxygen Delivery System

Immune System Functions

Hydration Status

Nutritional Deficiencies

Liver & Gallbladder Function

Kidney Function

Adrenal & Thyroid Function

Blood Sugar Regulation

Cardiovascular Risk

Electrolyte Balance

Gastrointestinal Function

Hormone Blance


Toxicity & Oxidative Stress

Acid/Base Balance

And More To Come!

Increase client compliance & understanding

LabSmarts gives you the ability to create a professional easy-to-read PDF printout that shows you and your clients exactly where they are with their markers.

This printout gives a visual representation of exactly where changes need to be made. It also provides a way for clients to SEE their progress, even if they can’t “feel” a difference with the protocols you have for them.


When Basic Analysis Isn’t Enough

Accurate analysis starts with accurate reference ranges. LabSmarts uses clinical research and reference ranges from an extensive collection of studies. We give you the ability to adjust optimal reference ranges based on your client’s bioindividual traits.

  • High elevation (5 incremental adjustments for cities above 3,280 feet)
  • Pregnancy (down to the specific trimester)
  • Menopausal status
  • Menstrual phase
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Sex

What Our Customers Are Saying

I am loving the benefits of LabSmarts! This is SO fast and easy!! Evaluating client lab work and keeping these records organized for regular comparison can take time. Before LabSmarts, I was manually recording my clients’ values onto a printed chart, but this is SO much faster and easier. I now have all my references and records in one place! And, of course, I don’t have to look up ranges and notes either. I am enjoying this process, especially the time-saving. This software is making huge contributions to my business.

Erin Livers, BA, ICNT

Nutrition Therapist, Health Educator & Speaker, Intuitive Chef, Writer

LabSmarts is a fabulous online program for analyzing labs for your clients! It’s so simple to use, and the analysis is displayed in a way that is quick and easy to reference. Being able to share the analysis in a PDF with my clients has been very beneficial. It helps them to understand the difference between optimal and lab ranges on their blood work. The additional testing recommendations help me know where to look next. LabSmarts has been a very valuable and time-saving tool for me.

Georgette Schwartz, BCHN, MSHN, CGP, CMCr

Director of Nutrition Services at Evolve Acupuncture and Wellness

LabSmarts has saved me so much time in assessing my clients’ blood work that it has more than paid for itself. The deep dive analysis into CBC and CMP has made me faster at finding possible root causes of my clients’ fatigue and digestive issues and given me added confidence in recommending a more targeted nutrition program. Money and time saved, my client has more confidence in me, and they get the unique, individualized nutrition plan for better health outcomes. Simply brilliant and worth every penny.

Karen Langston, CNCP, LE SIT

Functional and Holistic Nutritionist

I am so impressed with all the research that has gone into LabSmarts. That in itself is very worthwhile, since for each of us to research all the resources and take all the courses necessary to understand the reference ranges and patterns at this level would be a huge outlay of time and money. After 9 years of doing bloodwork analysis manually, it takes me 30-45 minutes per test, but now with LabSmarts, that time is cut in half. You have clearly created a very useful application.

Laura Knoff, BS, NC

Nutrition Consultant

Designed With Non-Licensed Practitioners In Mind

We don’t use diagnostic terms. This makes it safe for functional medicine practitioners, naturopaths, coaches, and consultants alike.

For example, we use “Suboptimal Blood Oxygen Delivery” instead of anemia.

Easily determine the Possible Root Causes based on our Sophisticated Pattern Recognition (SPR) EngineTM.

The more markers you feed the SPR Engine the more narrow and accurate the list of possible root causes gets.

Go Deep with the Data

Help guide your next steps with Additional Testing recommendations based on your client’s unique reference ranges.
Plus Further Considerations and Signs and Symptoms reports to help make your job easier.
Also, record notes for each client as you adjust their protocols and refine your recommendations.

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