Introducing the New LabSmarts Hormones Panel

Apr 15, 2022

We’re excited to announce our new release, with the Hormones Panel and 25 new markers!


Your favorite functional blood chemistry analysis software just got even better! And even more valuable to your practice and your client’s health.

LabSmarts just released the next level of
bioindividual blood chemistry analysis…

with these cool new features that automatically adjust reference ranges for hormones based on menstrual phase, menopausal status, pregnancy trimester, age, and sex.

Here’s a look at the trop portion of the new Hormones Panel on the Add Test Results page, where you can select the menstrual phase for a premenopausal female client at the time of the test.

Deep-dive into Menstrual Phase Adjustments

LabSmarts adjusts reference ranges for premenopausal females based on the selected menstrual phase for these 7 sex hormone markers: E1, E2, total estrogens, FSH, LH, progesterone, and 17-OHP.

Premenopausal female reference ranges are defined for these 5 sex hormones as well but do not change based on menstrual phase: E3, hCG, DHT, prolactin (adjustment for lactating females), and SHBG.

See the hormones section in our extensive bibliography for the specific reference range adjustments made for each hormone marker based on the various client attributes.

The Entire Hormones Panel 

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Additional New Markers

  • Magnesium, RBC (in Nutrients Analysis section)
  • D-Dimer (in Coagulation Analysis section)
  • Lipoprotein(a) (in Lipids Analysis section)

Other New Features

  • Calcium is corrected for low albumin based on this formula.
  • PDF file names will now have the client’s last name, first initial, and collection date, for example:
    • Marks_M-LabSmarts_Analysis_2022-04-14
    • Marks_M-LabSmarts_Bloodwork_Comparison_2022-04-14

Short Walkthrough of All Features

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