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Make Sense of Their Blood Work

with our evidence-based, bio-individual blood work interpretation software

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We’ve taken a complex and critical part of your practice and made it easier, more accurate, and a lot less time consuming.

  • Optimize Client Outcomes – Make evidence-based, targeted recommendations for your patients with the Additional Testing, Further Considerations, and Diet and Lifestyle Advice features
  • Provide Clients More Clarity – Empower your clients toward increased health by sharing easy-to-read, color-coded reports that connect their results with your recommendations
  • Save time – Quickly identify possible root causes of imbalances

Experience These Many Benefits to Your Practice

Save Time

Increase productivity and reduce time during intake and recommendation processes.

Boost Confidence

Gain more confidence by making recommendations that incorporate blood work analysis.

Sell Additional Services

Increase revenue by recommending further testing based on the additional testing recommendations.

Provide More Value

Enhance your value by offering a blood work analysis service with reports you can give to your client.

Sell Targeted Supplements

Provide concrete evidence of possible nutrient insufficiencies to support targeted supplement sales.

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More Key Features and Many More to Come

  • Immune System Abnormality – color-coded likelihood gauge
  • Practitioner Notes – in each analysis section and overall
  • Current and Previous Results – plotted on the same bar graph
  • Edit Client Attributes and Edit Test Results
  • Automated Calculations – save time during data entry
  • MCV, MCH, and MCHC
  • WBC Differentials – enter either % or absolutes
  • BUN/Creatinine Ratio, Globulin, and A/G Ratio
  • Bilirubin, Direct or Indirect
  • Cholesterol/HDL Ratio and Triglycerides/HDL Ratio
  • Advanced Calculations – go beyond what’s on the lab report
  • Anion Gap with and without Potassium
  • Corrected Reticulocyte Count
  • Reticulocyte Production Index
  • Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio (NLR)
  • Calcium corrected for low albumin
  • % of Free Copper and Cu/Zn ratio
  • Possible Root Causes – for each marker when it’s high or low

What’s Included in This Special Offer

1-Year Subscription to the LabSmarts Software

* Renews at the 30% OFF price every year!

  • Either 60 tests/year or unlimited tests subscription
  • View up to 122 bar graphs online
  • View pattern analysis online
  • Compare results, find trends
  • Save analysis to PDF
  • Save comparison table to PDF
  • Edit test results
  • Edit clients

Recommended Lab Tests - For Client to Take to Doctor

Labcorp and Quest Tests and Diagnosis Codes

  • Labcorp and Quest Test Codes and Diagnostic Codes
  • If you are working with a client who wants to order blood work from their doctor to get those tests covered by insurance, you can put an X next to the tests you recommend they order.
  • You can also point out to them that the last page has ICD-10 diagnosis codes that can help those tests get covered by insurance. This is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to re-brand it and modify it as you see fit.

Blood Work Testing and Interpretation Services Quoting Tool

Easily Generate a Client Quote for Ordering Blood Tests and Interpreting Results

  • If you’re using Evexia Diagnostics to order blood work for your client, you can use this quoting tool to easily select the tests you’d like to order for your client and provide them with this detailed quote.
  • The ‘Labcorp Costs from Evexia” tab contains the source data with costs for many blood tests.
  • The ‘Quoting Tool’ tab is where you will select the tests that you recommend for your client by putting an x in the “Selected Test’ column.
  • The ‘Client Quote’ tab is what you’ll save to a PDF and provide to the client.

1:1 Blood Work Interpretation Call with MaryAnn

Only for buyers of the unlimited subscription

  • MaryAnn will review 1-2 LabSmarts analysis reports with you live and provide her expert interpretation of the results

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What Practitioners Are Saying About LabSmarts


“I love that you have figured out all of the ranges, and I know that you are also constantly updating things too. I feel like you are part of my practice with me.”


“The comparison reporting really shines a whole new light for my clients because they get to learn to understand their own baseline and their own optimal range, and what works for them.”


“Some of the things that I really appreciate about LabSmarts are the elevation piece, and the fact that the software is constantly improving.”


“I like the root causes, the symptoms, and the way things are grouped so you can see how your oxygenation is doing, how your immune system is doing, how your renal function is doing, etc.”