Export Analysis to PDF

Save all graphical displays from a client’s analysis to a PDF so you can their results with them!

LabSmarts is optimized for the Chrome and Brave browsers.

For proper functionality, please use one of these browsers.

Export to PDF Feature Instructions

  • When you click the Export to PDF icon, it opens up a new browser window.
  • All Insights panels will appear as well as any Reference Range panel that has one or more bar graphs.
  • Click the Export to PDF button in the top right corner of the window to save the PDF to your hard drive.
  • Important Things to Remember

    1. Wait for the Export to PDF button to appear before clicking in this area.

    2. Do not resize the new browser window that opens as this can distort the graphs.

    3. Close the new browser window that opens before you export another set of test results to a PDF.

    4. If a panel is missing or blood drops are missing on a bar graph from the PDF (not the new window), follow the instructions below.

    Clear Your Browser’s Cache

    Instructions for Chrome and Brave Browsers

      • Use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Delete to open the Clear browsing data window.
      • In the Time range dropdown, select All time.
      • Check the box next to Cached images and files. Uncheck all other boxes if checked.
      • Click Clear data.
      • Click the refresh button or press F5 on your keyboard to refresh your browser.
      • Analyze the test results again and click the Export to PDF icon to the far right of the Test Results Analysis panel.