New Features (April 1st, 2023)

Apr 1, 2023

We’ve added some exciting new features!

LabSmarts users, clear your browser cache (Ctl+Shift+Del) and refresh (F5) to see the changes.

5 New Blood Biomarkers Added!

  • Ceruloplasmin
  • Copper, RBC
  • Copper, serum
  • Free Copper (calculation of % of free copper)
  • Cu/Zn Ratio
  • Bar graphs for all markers appear in the Nutrients Analysis section.
  • The first four markers also appear in the Iron Analysis section.
  • If the body doesn’t have enough copper attached to ceruloplasmin, it can’t convert the ferrous(+2) form of iron to the ferric(+3) form.
  • Iron must be in the ferric(+3) form to attach to transferrin.
    • TIP Always order ceruloplasmin and serum copper when ordering the iron panel with ferritin markers.
    • Ceruloplasmin and serum copper are needed to calculate % of free copper.
    • This free (unbound) copper can cause oxidative stress.
    • Copper, RBC is also a good test to order because it’s a better representation of intracellular copper than serum copper.

ALL MARKERS now have ranges for each trimester of pregnancy!

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New Possible Root Causes tab in the Iron Analysis section

The Possible Root Causes tab will show possible root causes for any marker in the iron analysis section when it’s either greater than or less than optimal.

This feature will soon be added to every analysis section!


Client’s name at the bottom of every PDF analysis page!

This feature is for users who print out the analysis reports and give them to their patients at the office.

This avoids pages getting mixed up when printing reports for multiple patients at the same time.

    • TIP
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    • In the Time range dropdown, select All time.
    • Check the box next to Cached images and files.
    • UNCHECK ALL OTHER BOXES, if checked.
    • Click Clear data.
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